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Builder warranties in California

Most firms in California that are engaged in building new homes use a written contract to set forth the terms of the contract with their customers. Knowledgeable builders want their standard contracts to contain all of the pertinent terms of the agreements with their customers, but one category of such terms is often overlooked: warranties created and imposed by California statutes that regulate the state's construction law.

Obtaining a contractor's license

Construction work can be both satisfying and profitable, and it draws many persons who see themselves as successful builders and entrepreneurs. Entering the construction business seems simple: buy tools and a truck, identify materials suppliers, buy business cards and post some ads on the internet and you're off. But not so fast. California requires all persons and entities that wish to do business as a contractor to obtain a contractor's license, post a bond and satisfy the state's working capital requirements.

What is California's statute of repose?

Most persons in the construction industry in southern California have a general understanding of statutes of limitation, but very few understand the difference between a statute of limitation and a statute of repose. The distinction is an important feature of California construction law, because, while all civil lawsuits are subject to a statutorily prescribed deadline for bringing the action, the state's statute of repose applies only to lawsuits arising out of defects in construction projects.

New law could require earthquake retrofits for 15,000 buildings

Actually constructing houses or other buildings in California isn't so different from constructing them anywhere else in the country, but the construction industry has concerns that are unusual anywhere else. Chief among these is earthquake safety. California's peculiar geography means that construction has to take into account safety issues that aren't a serious consideration in other parts of the country. As a result, construction law in California often involves earthquake safety standards.

Federal contracts may cost more because workers are paid more

People in the construction world in California may be interested in exploring their options with lucrative state and federal construction projects. These projects can provide a small or mid-size construction firm with a tremendous source of jobs, income and exposure in the professional world and the public eye, but there may also be substantial barriers of entry for those construction firms which have never explored this uncharted territory.

Experienced representation for construction disputes

The construction world is full of complex procedures that require equally complex decisions. While it of course would be ideal if all of these procedures and decisions were complete without complication, it is unfortunately not always possible. When complications arise in the realm of construction, seeking the assistance of an experienced attorney can help formulate a strong plan of action.

When is an owner liable for its employee's injury?

Nobody wants to see an employee get injured on the job. Injuries, even ones that initially seem minor, can lead to long-term physical consequences that can cause a person to never be able to work again. At the very least, an injury to a worker means he or she is unable to work, which means time away from job during which the employee isn't earning a paycheck. For an employer, it means having to find a replacement or accepting that the injury could lead to a costly delay on a construction project where time is money.

Construction safety claims and how to protect against them

People in the construction industry in California know that there are many other safer occupations out there. People in this line of work put their lives on the line every day to build the infrastructure that most citizens use and take for granted every day. Without workers to build safe roads, towers, apartment buildings and homes free of construction defects, our world would be nothing short of chaotic.

Construction defects may be easier to track under proposed law

Our readers may have heard about some of the more serious building-related tragedies that have occurred in Southern California over the last several months. The most tragic may have been the balcony collapse that killed several young adults during a birthday party in June. This incident sparked national outrage and landed the contractor in some serious hot water, especially when their record showed that they had been responsible for several similar incidents involving faulty design and construction of balconies that left them at risk of water damage and resulting instability.

Legal and business consulting services with no strings attached

The California construction industry is currently experiencing a strong upswing, and with high demand comes plenty of opportunities for construction businesses and contractors to make their mark in the industry. But with this demand comes fierce competition, which is why so many firms want to stay lean and flexible, without carrying the weight of excessive overhead and unnecessary business expenditures.

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