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Without a strong foundation, any business can crumble

People in the construction industry know that every building project has to start with a strong and reliable foundation, otherwise the entire integrity of the structure is in danger. The same is true with starting a business in California. Instead of the concrete used for foundation in a construction project, the foundation of every good business is a proper business plan, articles of incorporation, and all of the legal documents necessary to create a business entity.

Does my business have to register to do business in California?

Lots of people who do business in California started their companies right here and continue to do business primarily in California. However, there are also thousands of businesses, small and large, that do business transactions and projects in California even though they are registered or were formed in other states or countries. These national and international companies also have registration and filing requirements before doing business in California.

Things to decide before starting a new business

People who are getting started in the construction industry or want to explore the option of changing their existing business structure might want to start with the basics. The different advantages and disadvantages of the common types of corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and sole proprietorships are many, and deciding which business structure suits the company's needs is an immensely complex question.

Don't let legal issues distract from getting your project done

People in California have varying thoughts on lawyers, but it is often true that most people don't appreciate the skills and services an attorney can bring to the table until they need one in their corner. In the construction industry, busy professionals don't have the time to carefully review and second-guess every decision they make in order to keep the flow of business moving. But they also know that reckless decision-making can lead to liability, so walking this fine line can be a challenge to construction company owners who don't have an extensive legal background.

The defenses to a construction defect claim and their application

People in the construction industry in California are held to certain standards of performance whenever they perform work on a project or construction plan. Generally, they are required to perform work as expected and that comports to the applicable standards required of the project by the language of the contract, agreement, state or local regulation or as is customary for work of that type. They must typically guarantee that their work is free from any defect that could compromise the integrity or safety of a project. However, when other parties to the contract raise questions as to the quality of work, there are defenses a party can raise.

Voters may not have final say when it comes to development

People in the construction industry may have heard about an interesting development in the controversial San Francisco waterfront development case. In June of 2014, a ballot initiative known as Proposition B gave San Francisco citizens the authority to vote on the allowable height of any and all proposed waterfront developments on land managed by the Port of San Francisco. This measure basically gave the voters the right to decide what and how projects would be built in this area.

California construction specialist for your construction business

The construction industry in Southern California is a fast-paced, often cut-throat environment, and savvy construction business owners are always looking for ways to get a competitive edge over others in the field. In good times, there is plenty of work to go around, and new construction businesses are eager to expand, start up or branch out. They also need guidance on the legal aspects of business formation. Whether it is a general outfit or a specialized niche firm, construction companies need legal guidance and execution that puts them on the road to stability and success.

What are the basics of forming a contract?

People in the construction industry know that many of the most important deals that they ever make are based primarily upon a handshake. Trust is the foundation of success in the California construction industry and even though most people would never intentionally put that trust or their reputation in question, a deal that simply sealed by a handshake leaves a lot to be desired, in that it leaves open a lot of questions that could become the basis for a lawsuit.

Some construction contract disputes may be resolved informally

For people in the fast-paced construction industry in California, the saying "time is money" has never been more true. Small construction firms in California have to juggle many different duties just to stay on top of their projects, bids and other business matters, so nobody has time for getting dragged into court for litigation. Moreover, when the issue at hand is a contract dispute, the contract itself may not be able to quickly or simply solve the problem. For this reason alone, the time, hassle and expense of going to court can be a major burden for construction businesses, which is why they may try to avoid litigation wherever possible.

New Google campus construction shows innovative approach

Not surprisingly, California leads the way when it comes to innovation in the digital age, but this innovation can also be seen in the numerous progressive and and state-of-the-art construction and civil engineering projects across the state. One of the latest such examples is currently being constructed in Mountain View, where Google is in the midst of construction on their new campus and headquarters.

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