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How much do you know about contractor advertising requirements? - III

Just like any other entrepreneur in California, contractors are well aware of the need for effective advertising. However, as we've established in prior posts, unlike many other classes of entrepreneurs, contractors are subject to strict advertising requirements.

This means everything from satisfying lettering requirements for business vehicles to prohibiting promotions about bonding. We'll conclude our discussion of this important topic in today's post.

New home construction has risen, but still has a way to go

It's a virtual certainty that any California resident who entertains friends or family hailing from other parts of the nation will hear them comment on two things during their visit: the weather and home prices.

While it's understandably a bit taxing to revisit these points again and again, the Golden State does indeed have some of the highest home prices and rents in the nation. It's important to understand, however, that this reality isn't solely attributable to the fact that "it's a desirable place to live," but rather to construction.

What you should know about the CSLB's mandatory arbitration program

It's important for licensed contractors here in California to understand that the courtroom isn't the only forum in which they might need to address the complaints of homeowners, subcontractors, employees or fellow contractors.

Indeed, any of these parties may choose to address their grievances -- failure to abide by the terms of a contract, poor workmanship, failure to pay, etc. -- with the Contractors State License Board.

How much do you know about contractor advertising requirements? - II

As we discussed in our previous post, California contractors looking to capitalize on the demand for repair and renovation projections brought about by the strong residential real estate market need to be aware that they are subject to strict advertising requirements.

Indeed, state law dictates that all licensed contractors must include license numbers in all construction contracts, subcontracts and calls for bid, and certain forms of advertising (business cards, vehicle lettering, signs, billboard, etc.). We'll continue breaking down this important topic in today's post.

How much do you know about contractor advertising requirements?

The demand for residential property here in the Golden State remains strong just a few months into 2017 -- much to the delight of realtors and prospective home sellers. Indeed, statistics show that home sales across the state remain strong, experiencing only a slight dip in February.

It's not just the aforementioned parties who stand to make a splash in these favorable market conditions, as with this turnover in homes, comes a demand for the services of contractors to make repairs, construct additions, and transform bathrooms and kitchens.

A closer look at the role of change orders in the construction sector

From developers and architects to general contractors and construction management agencies, ask any experienced party and they will tell you that the process of constructing any structure is at best an inexact science.

That's because the architects or design team will first devise construction documents to be used by various builders to prepare their bids for submission. Once the builder is selected -- whether a general contractor, construction management agency or construction management at risk -- these documents will then be distributed amongst the individual trades/subcontractors who will prepare shop drawings based on their own interpretations.

A construction law firm dedicated to helping clients build a strong foundation for the future

When a group of talented individuals reaches the momentous decision to join forces and start a business, it initiates a formation process that can often prove to be equal parts fulfilling and frustrating.

Indeed, that's because while it's undoubtedly satisfying for entrepreneurs when all matters have been handled and their doors are officially open for business, the process of actually getting there can involve seemingly endless considerations and the need for answers to seemingly endless questions.

CBSC adopts emergency standards concerning exterior elevated elements

If asked to explain the process through which new regulations are adopted or amendments made to the California Building Code, most people in the construction industry would understandably be at something of a loss for specifics. Nevertheless, chances are good that at a minimum, they would envision a legislative process that is both complex and protracted.

While this is certainly accurate most of the time, there is at least one scenario in which this legislative process, and the ensuing waiting period for adoption by municipalities and other industry figures is effectively bypassed: emergency regulations. 

Understanding more about contractor license bonds -- II

Last time, our blog discussed how those mulling the possibility of becoming a contractor here in California may be surprised to learn that they must post a $15,000 contractor license bond with the Contractors State License Board as a condition of securing the necessary licensure.

To that end, we spent some time examining what exactly a contractor license bond is -- a contract between a surety company and a contractor warranting their compliance with California's Contractors License Law -- and how it shouldn’t be confused with an insurance policy. We'll continue this discussion in today's post.

Understanding more about contractor license bonds

While anyone looking to launch a career as a contractor here in California is undoubtedly aware that they will need to secure the necessary licensure before being able to take on any projects, they may be unaware of just how extensive the conditions that must be satisfied in order to secure this licensure really are.

For example, it may come as a surprise to learn that the Golden State requires applicants to post a $15,000 contractor license bond with the Contractors State License Board as a condition of licensure in the absence of cash or certificates of deposit of equivalent value.

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