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Should you consider buying into a construction franchise?

If you're planning to go into the construction business, you may be considering buying a franchise. Franchises can offer advantages to people who want to run their own business but would like the cache of a brand name behind them and the assistance that a franchise organization with a proven business plan can offer them.

However, as one construction business coach points out, the construction industry is very different from the fast food industry, where franchises abound. You're not going to be selling foot-long sandwiches or hamburgers. Each job is going to be unique.

Chances are that no two structures will be alike. Most people don't want the mass-produced houses of 1950s Levittown.

The construction expert points to the founding and subsequent failure of the construction franchise Mr. Build in the 1980s. He asserts that another reason construction doesn't lend itself to franchising is that too many franchise managers don't have the necessary expertise. Those who do end up managing too many franchisees and not having sufficient time for any of them.

When the franchise begins to get a bad reputation, it impacts everyone -- even the capable franchisees who do a good job. As a construction professional, you know that reputation is everything -- especially these days when bad word-of-mouth travels fast and far within seconds over the internet.

The idea of starting your own business is daunting. Investing in a franchise can seem like a good first step towards that goal. However, it's essential to consider the pros and cons before you do it. It's wise to talk with an attorney who has experience in the construction industry as you weigh your options.

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