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California construction litigation often involves the environment

Construction is a great business to be in. Land values and the social importance of new housing are near an all-time high in California. So, why aren’t more firms getting into the industry? Because it’s not easy creating the future real estate for homes and businesses in the Golden State.

Few builders are unfamiliar with litigation of some kind. Time in court may be required when creating or expanding a business, especially if expansion include purchasing other firms. Labor disputes and regulatory red tape can also bring contractors and specialists into legal proceedings, as well as increase the need for a lawyer on their side.

California’s bent towards ecological preservation and care for the environment may be part of a more common form of construction litigation. Unions and other organizations are often taking builders and property owners to task regarding the possible consequences of their projects on the local ecosystem.

Some claim these actions are simply about getting jobs for union members. “They’re just trying to force the developer to get their guys the work,” said a former member of a California planning commission. “Basically, you have these carpenters trying to shake down the process.”

Lawsuits or regulatory intercessions can slow projects down and lose money for contractors and builders. A lawyer on the side of these firms can make it easier to weather litigation regarding construction or future development. Legal representation may reduce the risk posed by actions in civil court, as well as reduce the effort that builders have to put in to defending their actions and contracts.