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How do builders adjust to the new realities in California?

Builders know they may run into a variety of legal challenges, from zoning issues to breaches of contract with subcontractors. California communities have caused some recent trouble with new restrictions that aim to reduce the number of new stand-alone housing units and increase the stock near transportation hubs to reduce pressure on expanding towns and cities.

  • How can builders respond to legal issues?

Retaining legal counsel for businesses is often a good idea. Lawyers who are more familiar with specific business entities as well as the legal background of commerce may fare better defending their interests. Otherwise, legal advice is often helpful with specific types of construction litigation.

  • How can builders manage costs as profit margins shrink?

The help builders need is often all around them. Close relationships with general contractors work both ways, and information that managers share with builders can streamline efforts on current and future projects. Open communication with contractors also reduces the risks of misunderstandings that may spin out of control and turn into lawsuits.

  • When should general contractors be consulted?

Smart builders start early and never stop. Involving experts in building as well as bringing in specialists like plumbers and electricians can help set reasonable and achievable goals for projects during their many stages.

  • What is the best way to tackle larger projects?

A single point of contact for contractors and subcontractors often reduces overspending and the chances of a legal hassle between the parties constructing a building. The best defense is organization, because it prevents many problems and renders builders ready to deal with the rest.

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