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New law may help California developers with key projects

Transit by road or rail was California’s big issue during the end of the 20th century, but now the big challenge is creating enough housing for a growing number of residents and workers. The governor in Sacramento has set the goal of having 3.5 million new housing units in the Golden State in the next six years.

One of the main drivers of new residential construction in California has been the belief that dense housing near transit centers is the best solution. However, a recent study claims that the price of units in these key areas has increased while the number of available units has not.

Regardless, a state senator has proposed a new law which would allow developers to bypass some restrictions in municipal or county zoning ordinances. This would apply if the area was identified by Sacramento as high in transit and employment opportunities. More units could be built in this area than under conventional limits.

This and other new laws hope to address concerns around how many buildings can be built and where. “We have a housing crisis in much of the U.S., and that crisis needs to be addressed by providing funding for construction of more units and subsidies for people to afford those units,” said the author of the study.

Builders and developers looking to move forward on important projects may seek the protection of legal representation. An attorney can help protect individuals and organizations against challenges by municipalities or others, as well as help plan the future of a business in a new legal environment.