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Methods for resolving construction disputes

Construction disputes are very common in California. With so much construction occurring throughout the state, there are bound to be issues between the parties on the contract. Whether it's residential or commercial construction, all those involved need to know how to resolve construction disputes. Here are some of the best ways to resolve construction disputes in Orange County.

A common method to resolving construction disputes is to have a hearing in front of a dispute resolution board. The boards are comprised of retired construction professionals who hear the dispute and then render a decision that must be followed based on language in the contract.

Arbitration is another method used to resolve these disputes. There is no jury and no discovery process, making it a quick way to resolve disputes over construction. It was a very popular method used in the decades of the 1980s and 1990s.

Litigation is how many construction disputes are resolved these days. Both sides can rarely agree on how to resolve these issues, so it's necessary to move to the next step. Both parties will be subject to discovery, testimony, evidence, questioning and more in their local court.

You might even have a clause in the contract that names someone as the decision-maker on construction issues. If this is the case, the professional chosen will make all decisions on these disputes and they will be final.

Construction disputes can occur for just about any reason, including the condition of the land, a change in the scope of the work, failure to perform work, limited access to the project and more. Be sure you know what the contract entails prior to signing so you can avoid a construction dispute in California.

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