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The water shortage could well impact the construction industry

People across the country have heard plenty in the news about California's new emergency water-saving measures, which have been necessitated by creeping and seemingly endless drought and have touched the lives of nearly even Californian in some way or another. It's not just the farming industry which is feeling the pinch, it is also having widespread impact in other industries, including the residential construction world. The pool and spa industry in California is a multi-million dollar business, and thousands of small to large contractors will surely feel the sting of new water conservation regulations.

With the increased crack-down on residential uses of water, the newest target seems to be homeowners with pools. For example, parts of Orange County don't allow pool owners to refill a pool more than once a month. In April, Beverly Hills outright banned the filling of new pools. Critics of these pool restrictions note that lawn watering and using water for gardening purposes can be a much more wasteful practice, yet it is still very much accepted in most parts of the state.

While attempts to impose these restrictions and outright bans have had varying success across Southern California, the effects are being felt in a big way in the pool construction business. While the demand for pools remained fairly high over the last decade, construction insiders are rightfully worried that the water restrictions will discourage homeowners from investing in a pool. After all, what good is a pool that can't be filled?

One of the great challenges any contractor in California faces is keeping up with regulations which can be a boon or a death knell for certain industries. But it isn't always easy keeping abreast of local and state regulations, much less lobbying to change them or fight against them, which is why people in the construction industry sometimes turn to experienced attorneys. Whether their goals are to challenge regulations or ensure compliance, the help of a construction law attorney can be an invaluable resource.

Source: LA Times "Are California's swimming pools guzzling precious water?" Michael Hiltzik, June 1, 2015

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