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Without a strong foundation, any business can crumble

People in the construction industry know that every building project has to start with a strong and reliable foundation, otherwise the entire integrity of the structure is in danger. The same is true with starting a business in California. Instead of the concrete used for foundation in a construction project, the foundation of every good business is a proper business plan, articles of incorporation, and all of the legal documents necessary to create a business entity.

No good foreman would ever let his construction team rush through the foundation to get to the higher levels, and no good attorney would let his or her client rush into business without a careful and thoughtful review of the business plan. Businesses, now more than ever, need to be protected from liability for accidents and breaches, employee issues, taxation and the ever-expanding sea of state and local regulations that can put a construction company in a bad spot if it 't prepared to deal with these issues.

The truth is that nobody wants to get bogged down in the detail heavy, often tedious process of business formation, but without taking this crucial first step, these businesses are leaving themselves vulnerable to all sorts of liabilities and structural weaknesses that could come back to bite them in a bad way months or even years later.

John R. Lobherr has been focusing his legal practice on the California construction industry for over 30 years. This experience has shown that small businesses need flexibility in order to grow, and no construction business wants to spend more than it has to on legal and consulting fees. He has provided flexibility in his services, offering clients a full suite of business formation, consulting and contract services, as well as limited representation in transactional or contractual matters. Anyone with specific questions may wish to peruse our website.

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