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The construction industry in Southern California is a fast-paced, often cut-throat environment, and savvy construction business owners are always looking for ways to get a competitive edge over others in the field. In good times, there is plenty of work to go around, and new construction businesses are eager to expand, start up or branch out. They also need guidance on the legal aspects of business formation. Whether it is a general outfit or a specialized niche firm, construction companies need legal guidance and execution that puts them on the road to stability and success.

John Lobherr is one of Southern California's premier construction law attorneys. His experience in the field is unparalleled because he focuses solely on the construction industry. While there are many attorneys who can provide business formation and contract services to upstart businesses, few possess the specialized knowledge of the ins and outs of the construction world. For people who want to make it in this industry, it makes sense to turn to John Lobherr for their legal and business consultation needs.

John Lobherr's services are also unique in that he provides a full suite of ala-carte services, so he is flexible to the needs of large corporations and small upstarts alike. No matter the size of the construction business, no company thrives unless they maximize their time and resources. John Lobherr operates under this same philosophy and only provides the services his clients' need, so they can focus on meeting their next deadline or landing their next business contract.

As a consultant, John Lobherr's insight can make the difference between getting ahead and getting stuck in litigation over contract disputes, labor issues and other complex areas of law. He is available now to help new clients in the construction industry and scheduling an initial consultation is quick and simple.

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